Download object metadata

Downloads include all available metadata of objects in the Rijksmuseum collection. The metadata is structured in the Dublin Core, Europeana Data Model and LIDO schemas. A Comma Separated Values file, with the most basic metadata, is available as well. Where multiple files are offered for a schema, the latest dataset can be identified by its YYYYMM- prefix.

Dublin Core object metadata download

Dublin Core is a small XML vocabulary. This download provides object metadata in a simple and compact form.

Europeana Data Model object metadata download

This download includes object metadata structured using the Europeana Data Model. The dataset is published in the Resource Description Framework (RDF) format using the Turtle syntax. This Linked Open Data includes many references to resources in the controlled vocabularies.

LIDO object metadata download

Lightweight Information Describing Objects (LIDO) is an XML harvesting schema. This event-centric dataset is currently the richest object metadata that the Rijksmuseum has to offer.

Comma Separated Values object metadata download

This Comma Separated Values file provides a simple inventory of objects in the Rijksmuseum collection. It includes the object number and persistent identifier, as well as a single title, type, creator, date and image URL for each object.